La Garçonne reaches out to the indie girl: she who is effortlessly cool, quietly defying style guidelines with her natural desire to be original.

The beauty of the indie style comes from its authenticity; there is no structured formula to make up an indie girl, but rather a subtle air of edgy confidence that allows her to represent herself as something slightly left of center.

The typically boyish yet fashion-conscious style of an indie girl paired with her femme confidence produce an understated—however undeniable—sense of style. Unaffiliated with predictability, the style of La Garçonne is a style of distinction.

The name La Garçonne is derived from the 1922 French novel of the same name about a woman living and thinking freely in a time before such independence was encouraged or even acknowledged. Garçon means ‘boy’ in French, and written with the feminine prefix ‘la,’ represents an unexpected confidence that strays from the norm. This vintage independence that allows the main character to live by her own word and define happiness on her own terms is what inspires the image of LaGarç

With this style of bohemian sophistication and ever-present youth in mind, La Garçonne provides fresh looks from select designers every season. The designers available at LaGarç offer a clean edge that tells a story of effortless originality without straying too far from the classics.

The look of La Garçonne is achieved through buying prominent European labels that match the characteristic edge of a Garçonne. These labels have garnered near cult status by Garçonnes in the know who flock to discreet fashion. Within the labels, La Garçonne chooses pieces with European style and flair catering to comfortable taste, and so is becoming an insider’s destination in the world of fashion.

The essence of a Garçonne is someone who is self-directed and natural—anyone looking to exude chic originality sans-spotlight. Down to earth and in with fashion, her style is impossible to imitate because sense of self is its most influential inspiration. La Garçonne allows the indie girl to relate to—but be independent of—the trends; to define fashion on her own terms and be, above all, original.