Where do you ship from?
All orders are shipped via FedEx from our warehouse in Long Island, NY.
Do you ship to PO boxes?
FedEx does not deliver to P.O. boxes.
I am an international customer, how much will I be charged for duties and taxes? How will I pay for duties and taxes?
Duties & taxes are set by the customs authorities of the destination country. We estimate the value to be between 25-40% of the amount paid for the item(s) ordered. FedEx will contact you directly requesting payment upon your order's arrival through customs.
How long will international shipping take?
FedEx International Priority service takes 3 to 5 business days from the date dispatched.
Can a lower price be indicated on my commercial invoice to avoid paying as much duty and tax?
We are unable to amend the value of your order listed on your commercial invoice as we must adhere to all international import/export rules and regulations.
What happens when Fedex loses or damages my package?
Customers are encouraged to follow our Shipping policy guide to help ensure the proper delivery of packages. While we will assist in filing a claim with FedEx for any lost or damaged packages, the replacement of the item or a refund will be case dependent on the resolution with FedEx.
I keep missing the delivery of my package. Can you waive the signature on my order after it is shipped?
A direct signature requirement cannot be removed from your package once in transit. FedEx will make 3 delivery attempts; please contact Customer Service to have your package held at your nearest FedEx facility for pickup, free of charge.
Can you ship my international order Delivery Duty Paid?
At this time all international orders are shipped Delivery Duty Unpaid.
My order is incurring a shipping fee, however your website offers free international shipping.
All international orders over $500 USD are eligible for free shipping. Orders less than $500 USD will be subject to a shipping fee at checkout. For shipping prices please see our Shipping Policies
Can I provide special delivery instructions for FedEx?
Unfortunately, FedEx does not take into account any special delivery instructions.
Can I waive the signature upon delivery if I am paying with PayPal?
All PayPal orders require a direct signature upon delivery.