Sylvain Le Hen
barrette 021 xl

US $65.00


Barrette 021 XL by Sylvain Le Hen.  Sleek metal barrette inspired by organic forms with hand-mounted micro screws. 

Flat, slightly curved surface / Metallic finish / 2 hand-mounted screws / Color: Gold / 100% Metal / Made in France / Also available in Black Silver, Klein Blue, Turquoise Green, Black, Silver, Coral Red & Mineral Grey.

Approx. Measurements: 4.75"L x 0.5"W

Pictured with / Black Silver Epingle 014, Silver Barrette 021 XL, Rose Gold Epingle 014, Mineral Grey Barrette 021 XL, Silver Epingle 014 & Natural Linen Barrette 021 XS.

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